Shanon Burgess

Forensic Expert
Digital Forensics

Shanon Burgess is a Digital Forensic Expert for Aperture. For over eight years, Shanon has forensically investigated litigated cases involving distracted driving, fraud, employee misconduct, data exfiltration, criminal investigations, damaged devices, and other issues involving digital devices. He frequently speaks at industry events, maintains bylines in industry publications, and enjoys sharing insightful content relating to digital forensics and cybersecurity.

Before entering the forensic science field, Shanon spent time in the automotive manufacturing industry, gaining in-depth knowledge of industrial robotics and control systems. In 2008, while attending college, Shanon was employed at the University of Alabama-Huntsville’s Systems Management and Production Center (SMAP) working on various engineering projects including the testing of small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) for data collection purposes.

Shanon's Expertise

Digital Forensics


B.S., Mathematics and Business Administration

A.S., Computer Networking

Professional Certifications

GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics (GASF)

Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME)

Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner (MCFE)

Magnet Certified Cloud Examiner (MCCE)

Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyzer (CCPA)

Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO)

Licensed Private Investigator, Texas

Licensed Private Investigator, Arkansas

Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Technician/Analyst (CDR)

Work Experience

  • Conduct logical, full file system, and physical acquisitions of mobile devices to aid in various investigative tasks. Analyze messaging, email, and social media artifacts such as databases to determine user communication, user deletion, and data recovery.
  • Analyze iOS knowledgeC database to establish timelines and determine user interaction during specific timeframes.
  • Analyze internal iOS and Android logs to determine application usage, application intent, etc.
  • Analyze file creation dates to determine device resets.
  • Analyze database keys to determine data deletion.
  • Conduct research and perform advanced data extraction techniques for damaged, unsupported, and IOT devices including chip-swap, chip-off, Joint Test Action Group (JTAG), and In-System Programming (ISP).
  • Perform and analyze logical and physical acquisitions of vehicle systems, GPS devices, IOT, and other embedded systems.
  • Conduct research and perform analysis of iOS, Android, Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) including QNX, VxWorks, and proprietary automotive OEM applications.
  • Perform and analyze cloud acquisitions using forensic tools and manually via OEM API tooling.
  • Conduct logical and physical acquisitions of surveillance video systems to determine video authentication/validation and determine user activities.
  • Perform static binary file analysis for data recovery purposes and reverse engineering.
  • Foundational understanding and familiarity with Python and SQLite.
  • Perform man-in-the-middle attacks to reverse engineer CAN network protocols and proprietary operating system file structures.


Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators (SATAI)


Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics

Computer Forensics

Damaged Device Forensics

Vehicle System Forensics

Call Detail Records Analysis

Dashcam and Surveillance Video Analysis

Expert Testimony

Shanon's Expertise

Digital Forensics

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